About the Executive Committee

The Executive manages and conducts the affairs of the Society.

The Executive is composed of one non lawyer, appointed by the Commissioner for a term of three years. There are also at least four other Executive members. All of these are lawyers who have been approved to practice in, and live in the NWT. They are elected by all the lawyers who practice in the NWT.

Included in the Executive are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person.

The Executive appoints an Executive Director, who is also called Deputy Secretary or Deputy Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Director is responsible for managing the Law Society office. The Executive Directors is an ex officio member of the Executive.

Every lawyer who lives in the NWT and who is approved to practice law in the NWT can be nominated for a position on the Executive.

The Executive typically meets monthly.

Executive Committee Minutes:

2022/09/06 Executive Committee Minutes

2022/05/11 Executive Committee Minutes

2022/04/12 Executive Committee Minutes

The 2023 Law Society Executive

Sandra Mackenzie

Christopher Buchanan

Keelen Simpson

Matthew Yap

Paul Andrew

Past Presidents
2022 Sheldon Toner
2021 Brad Patzer
2020 Michael Reddy
2019 Tracy Bock
2018 Alex Godfrey
2017 Glen Rutland
2016 Shannon Cumming
2015 Margo Nightingale
2014 Karen Wilford
2013 Caroline Wawzonek
2012 Cayley J. Thomas
2011 Sheila M. MacPherson
2010 Shirley A. Walsh
2009 Karen Lajoie
2007 Betty Lou McIlmoyle
2006 Michael Triggs
2005 Noel Sinclair
2003 Heather L. Potter
2002 Sarah A.E. Kay
2000 Alan C. Denroche
1999 Gregory C. Nearing
1998 Karan M. Shaner
1997 Adrian C. Wright
1996 Sheila M. MacPherson
1995 Shannon R.W. Gullberg
1994 Elizabeth J. Stewart
1993 Edward W. Gullberg
1992 Lorraine Minish Cooper
1991 Mark A. Aitken
1990 Clarence A. Hudson
1989 Sandra E. Aitken
1988 Virginia A. Schuler
1987 James D. Sutton
1986 Katherine Peterson, QC
1985 Joel W. Fournier
1984 Gabriella I. Lang
1983 Donald M. Cooper
1982 John Z. Vertes
1981 Donald M. Cooper
1980 J.Edward Richard
1979 Earl D. Johnson, QC
1978 David H. Searle, CM, QC
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