Unclaimed Trust Money

To see if the Law Society may be in possession of trust money belonging to you, enter your last name or the name of your business. 

NOTE: Due to Solicitor/Client privilege, a limited amount of information is available on this website. Searches must be at least 3 characters long.


If you believe you have claim to any trust money held by the Law Society, please fill out a Claim to Trust Money form and contact:

Law Society of the Northwest Territories
4th Floor, Diamond Plaza; 5204 – 50th Avenue
P.O. Box 1298
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N9
Tel: 867-873-3828
[email protected]


Lawyers often hold money in trust for an individual, company or group.  From time to time, a lawyer may be unable to locate those entitled to the money. For example, their former client may have moved with no forwarding address.  When this occurs, the lawyer must continue to hold the funds in trust for at least two years, and make reasonable efforts to locate those entitled to the money before making application to transfer it to the Law Society.

The Society then holds the funds for another 5 years. During this time, those to whom it belongs can make application to have the money returned to them. If no claim is made on the money, the funds are transferred to the NWT Law Foundation for their community funding initiatives.  At that point, it is no longer available to be claimed.

Section 46.1 of the Legal Profession Act explains how lawyers and the Law Society of the Northwest Territories are to handle Unclaimed or Unattributable Trust Money.

NOTE: The Law Society periodically places advertisements in local papers regarding unclaimed trust money.

Please use the form below and search for your name or your lawyer’s name if you think you have unclaimed funds.

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