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Students-at-Law experience unique advantages in the Northwest Territories. The opportunity to travel to remote communities.  Being given greater degrees of responsibility than would be the case in other jurisdictions.  More direct contact with clients and other lawyers.  This unique learning environment also fosters other differences, some of which are noted below:

  • Students are  required to complete a bar admission or equivalent course in another Canadian jurisdiction.  Many students participate in the PREP program in Alberta.
  • Following the successful completion of a  bar admission course and articles, students may then be called to the NWT Bar by one of two ways:
    1. pass an NWT statutes  examination administered by the Law Society of the NWT, or
    2. become a member of another Canadian Law Society  and utilize the “Permanent Mobility” clause under the Territorial Mobility Agreement to join the Law Society of the Northwest Territories.
  • During their articles, students are automatically appointed to the Law Society’s Social Committee.  This is an opportunity to become involved in the legal community, and network with all ranks of the Bench & Bar.
  • Students are eligible for a free Canadian Bar Association membership, sponsored by the NWT Branch of the CBA.  Students have to contact the CBA to obtain this membership.

For more information about articling in the Northwest Territories, contact the Law Society.

(*NOTE: Participating in a bar admission or equivalent program in another Canadian jurisdiction does not  entitle students to become a member in that jurisdiction.)


The following memorandum explains what is required to complete and submit an application as a Student-at-Law:
Memo: Application for Admission as a Student-at-Law

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Law students enrolled in a qualifying law school may be eligible for Temporary Articles as part of their work placement or summer employment.  Temporary Articles grants students many of the same privileges a full articling student receives, including court actions and the practice of law under supervision.  However, Temporary Articles are not cumulative and may not be contributed to the requirements of a Student-at-Law.

For more information about Temporary Articles, please contact the Law Society.

The following forms are required as part of the Student-at-Law application:

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