Life in the NWT


The NWT is a land of diversity, from modern cities to remote communities surrounded by wilderness, populated by a mix of aboriginal peoples and people from many countries. This diversity presents a variety of lifestyles for new residents, but everybody will find the friendliness and closeness of the communities make it easy to feel at home.

The population of the NWT is about 42,000, with almost 20,000 of those people living in the rapidly growing capital city of Yellowknife.


Because of the size and remoteness of the Northwest Territories , not all places are accessible by road. Most of the southern part of the NWT has highway access from Alberta and northern BC, with well-maintained paved roads connecting the major centres. The Inuvik area has highway access through the Dempster Highway , which connects to the Alaska Highway . All larger centres are serviced by major airlines, with many flights per day. Regional airlines connect the smaller communities with service ranging from daily to weekly.


The NWT has a wide range of recreational opportunities for people with different interests and tastes.

One of the NWT’s claims to fame is our world class outdoor sport and adventure travel. Whether it’s a guided trip across the tundra or an evening on a local lake, the unspoiled wilderness surrounds you. The regular displays of dancing Northern lights add to the experience.

In town, festivals and special performances celebrate local culture and talent, museums display the colorful history of the North, and art galleries display unique northern art. A variety of restaurants and lounges provide the setting for social get-togethers. Recreation centres and clubs for various interest groups provide an opportunity to meet new friends.

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