Making a Financial Claim

Every lawyer in private practice in the NWT must hold mandatory insurance. For lawyers resident in the NWT, that insurance is provided by the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA).  CLIA also manages any claims made against lawyers in private practice resident in the NWT.

Making a Claim

If you believe you have suffered a financial loss from working with your lawyer or as a consequence of the services provided by your lawyer, due to negligence or theft, you may be entitled to make a claim.

How to make a Claim

To make a claim, you may write a letter to CLIA including the following:

  • Name of Lawyer and law firm
  • Lawyer’s file number (if you know it) 
  • The legal service (i.e. service of house, divorce, injury claim)
  • Date of service
  • What you think the lawyer did wrong
  • How that resulted in financial loss to you
  • Documentation and explanation of financial loss
  • Your address and daytime phone number

Please send your letter via email to [email protected]  or by regular mail to #1530, 2002 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 0R7

If CLIA receives a letter from you, they will investigate you claim. This will take a minimum of several weeks. CLIA or their insurance defence counsel will then contact you.

CLIA cannot give you legal advice. Although you are not required to hire a lawyer to represent you in presenting your claim, we recommend and encourage you to do so. 

CLIA may contact you to obtain additional information, or to obtain clarification on the information you provided. Should you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of this information, or about this process please contact CLIA at [email protected]  or (306) 347-3057.



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